How Do You Handle Self-Isolation Based on Your Birth Month

Exploring astrology during the coronavirus pandemic can seem a little too fanciful. After all, the world is dealing with limited job opportunities, canceled social events, and involuntary homeschooling. Many people have contracted the virus, at risk, or know people who are sick or at risk. As a result, much of the world have resorted to self-isolation. There’s no question that COVID-19 is very serious.

However, astrology has been used throughout history to better understand the origins, effects, and results of illnesses. Several astrologers have even studied the stars to try and determine how and when the pandemic will come to an end. While this may not be especially comforting, you may find some enjoyment in learning about the ways you can cope with the pandemic by reading the daily horoscopes for your birth month.


If you’re an Aries, you likely have a disaster kit stored in your attic or basement for times like this. You’re prepared to survive without visiting the grocery store regularly and won’t leave your home unless you have to since you’re cautious and don’t want to put yourself or your family in danger.


You probably haven’t left your home in quite some time except to go to work and the grocery store. So, the pandemic hasn’t changed your lifestyle much, since you enjoy being alone. You also don’t mind repetition, so chances are you’ve been binge-watching episodes of your favorite shows for over a month now.


As a Gemini, you may be bored, but you’re trying to devise a plan to pass the time by being somewhat productive. You may have planned a few in-home activities like catching up on a good book or two, but eventually, get distracted and turn your attention to a new task, like finding the best online shows.


Cancers don’t like labels, so if this is your sign, you may not want to call this world-wide episode a pandemic. You see empty grocery store shelves as a challenge and start searching for new items you’ve never purchased before. The way you see it now is the perfect time to try some new recipes.


Your consideration for others makes you limit social interaction as much as you can. However, people may want to congregate at your house because of the welcoming environment. Even though you must, it will be difficult to say no since you’re the life of the party.


You’ve ordered all the ingredients you need to make your own hand sanitizer. You purchased these items months ago, just in case you may need them, with no prior knowledge of the pandemic. You’ve also stocked up on essential oils to protect your aura and immune system — but you’ve been using these oils for years. Just to make sure you’re aware of what’s going on, you’re likely reading up on the history of national and worldwide epidemics as well.


As a Libra, you still want to stay connected to people and let them know about the social justices that are occurring during the pandemic. You want to keep your friends, family, and social media followers informed and you’re always fact-checking to ensure you’re delivering the right information.


If you’re a Scorpio, you’ve been a homebody long before the pandemic. However, now that you have to stay at home, you realize how much you miss going to social gatherings. However, you realize that the world is going through some major changes, and you wonder if you can make a difference on a spiritual level.


Chances are you’ve been researching the cost of plane tickets during the pandemic and wondering why the prices weren’t always this low. After a few days, you realize that traveling is too risky and busy yourself by baking or trying on all the clothes in your closet.


If you’re afraid you’ll be more at risk by staying at your house, you can always bunk with a Capricorn. However, you’ll have to adhere to a strict schedule. Capricorns set aside time for work and play, and expect you to stay focused when it’s time to work.


As an Aquarius, you treasure alone time, so self-isolation isn’t a big deal initially. After a few days, you may have the urge to go hang out with your friends just because you’re not supposed to. Resist the feeling and go back to binge-watching your favorite movies.


If you’re a Pisces, you see nothing wrong with spending limited amounts of time with small groups of people. You even offer practical services to your friends, like delivering food or bringing board games. You understand that everyone is on edge and needs comfort, and you need social interaction for your peace of mind as well.